Story of Band:

Ice on Fire
Born in Brescia in 2012 as Powermetal coverband,
they then decide on the way, to start writing original songs.
which will lead them to the publication of their first work "Time To Rise"
After various line-up changes and, passing from a female to a male voice, the second album "Hands Of Destiny" is produced.
The themes addressed by the band are many, among which:
Encourage a more optimistic attitude
Face life with enthusiasm
Fight against human negativity
Criticize the corrupt soul
Both albums were self-produced and recorded/mixed in their own rehearsal room.
At the moment the band is busy composing songs for the third album!
Current lineup:
Voice: Sandro Vitti
Bass: Nadir Mutti
Drums: Gianfranco Francovarius Tosi
Guitar: Fabrizio Treccani
Guitar: TBA

Why Ice on Fire?
The philosophical aspect that led us to this oxymoron:
the band wanted to represent this genre with two essential elements for human life (as music is for us)
"Ice" as the "powerful" part of metal...
"Fire" as the warm and melodic part of the genre...
So "Ice on fire" equals Power and melody...

Updated March 2023 - ICE on FIRE!

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