History of the band "Ice on Fire"

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The Ice on Fire are officially in the province of Brescia in January 2012 as power metal cover band.

Initially formed (in 2010) by Monica on vocals, Stefano on bass and Franco on drums, looking for two guitarists, who will find after 2 long years: Marco and Fabrizio.

Sharing a passion for heavy/power decide to continue with efforts to propose a kind of metal less niche.

The group draws inspiration from historical bands like HammerFall, Helloween, Edguy, Stratovarius, passing related genera such as heavy and neo-classical metal, with cover of bands such as Judas Priest and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Current Lineup:

  • Monica Barbeno: Vocals
  • Stefano Perotti: Bass Guitar
  • Gianfranco Francovarius Tosi: Drums
  • Marco Hell Panza: Guitar
  • Fabrizio Treccani: Guitar

Rehearsal room, recording studio and its present location in Montichiari (BS)

Finally got to "put on the track" the group with a good repertoire of covers, Ice on Fire at the end of the 2013 start with great enthusiasm the development of own tracks!

Guidelines of the texts: Optimism/excitement, a bit of protest towards human figurative abstraction of mind and negativity of his dreams ...
In may 2016 is published the first album containing 9 pieces and entitled: "Time To Rise"!
Totally self-produced and recorded in Sydney at your venue.

Because Ice on Fire?
Here's the philosophical aspect that led us to this oxymoron:

(For the uninitiated) The power metal is a musical genre metal claw, has evolved over the years 90 ' and is generally characterized by a marriage between powerful rhythmic, fast, stuffed with drums "rich" in double bass drum, and (apparently in contrast) by a "soft" melodic line comes mostly from classical compositions. Also the theme vowel is usually characterized by a sang "clean" and called, solfegio singing.

Here's how then comes the idea of representing this genre with two elements essential to human life (as it is for us the music)
Ice (ICE) as the "powerful" of metal. ..
Fire (FIRE) as the hot part and melodic.
Then Ice on fire equals Power in Melody ...

Updated February 2017-Ice On Fire!